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    ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- The third annual Artfest in the West took place Friday night at Western Albemarle High School.

    Western Albemarle High School ninth grader Abby Boitnott played violin with the school's orchestra.

    "I think it's just a really beautiful instrument that you can play just about anything on. You can really get any kind of mood, any kind of feel that you want out of it and you can really just express things through this instrument," said Boitnott, who also sang with the group.

    Boitnott was one of many students from elementary through high school who performed that night. The Henley Middle School and the Western Albemarle High School jazz played, the cast of Western's upcoming spring musical, Beauty and the Beast, performed, and the high school choir sang selections.

    Fine artists' work, including student paintings, photography and ceramics were also display.

    Western Albemarle High School 9th grader Molly Bright had a cut paper work on the wall. She said likes sketching the most of the types of mediums she's tried.

    "It brings me...happiness," said Bright.

    Artfest raised money for art programs in Albemarle County Public Schools' western feeder pattern.

    "Art is one of the first places that gets cut," said Karen Pfeiffer, Artfest in the West president.

    Pfeiffer holds that art plays an important role in everyone's life.

    "It rounds out a person, teaches them to thing with the other side of their brain."

    Over the previous years, Artfest in the West has generated more than $12,000 for marching band uniforms, art supplies, and more.

    "These kids are just so talented and they're really dedicated to their art. And we want to support that and continue that," said Pfeiffer.

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